Carter Hall

We got married on a Saturday in June,

Stole out before my father protested, too young, too soon,

A suitcase filled, left by the door and a prayer to run astray,

Our love is more than I'd hoped for, in you, I'll hide away,

With the apples strewn about our feet, carried out our plan to roam,

That's when we conquered Carter Hall, claimed her fortress for our own,

A year has gone since our wedding song was played by your mother's bow,

New life grows within my body, the seed planted, we'll sow,

A baby girl with her mother's curls, a mind brighter than the stars,

A beauty born in Carter Hall, the fruit of youthful hearts,

With the Shenandoah around our toes, we shall never go astray,

And we'll be governing over Carter Hall, 'til our baby flies away,

If I could make a map, all roads would lead to you,

This is our little life, our little life,

And if we could go back, I would never change a thing,

For alone, I am the winter, and you are the spring,

With our wrinkled hands, we reach for the others just like younger days,

Reminiscence built within the walls we'd never dare erase,

Our castle still stands mighty just as it's always been,

Our love was found in Carter Hall, you the king, and I, your queen,

With the mountains climbing higher still and the moon to light our way,

We'll be governing over Carter Hall, though our souls be old and gray,

We'll be governing over Carter Hall until our dying day