Oh, this kingdom is not for the dwellers,

There's no vacancy for the other side of me,

And I know not how to remain frozen here,

Oh, I hunger for more than he's chosen, I fear,

Come, my child, my remedies will ease you,

Near the top of my tree, love, come find rest within me,

I bear fruit not of seeds that your father has sown,

Be gratified like the rest of us, you'll never feel alone,

Serpents, they soothe in hiding,

No thoughts, no path, no fighting,

Peacefully preying on poor and prudent minds,

Born from the bones of my lover, yet I'm bound to another,

Heeding toward evil's eye,

I'm changing this garden for my brothers as I follow my hunger,

Gaining nothing but how to survive,

I'll never find home again,

I am one with the beasts now and we are begging for the sea,

Run, run, run for the darkness, for the light's turned on me,

Lift your eyes from your flowers now, there's nothing left to see,

Oh, my husband, almighty king, have you forsaken me?